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Monthly meetings are held at the Salem Heights Community Hall from 7:00 to 9:00 on the 2nd Wednesday night of every month (except July).  The address is 3505 Liberty Rd S, Salem, Oregon 97302.  Note that this is at the corner of Madrona Ave. & Liberty.  For further directions click here -  Google Map

Our annual summer (August) and Christmas (December)  potlucks may occasionally be held at an alternate location, so if you are considering a visit during those months be sure to confirm the location - usually noted in the schedule at right.

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We are always looking for an interesting new topic and a friendly smile! If you are knowledgeable about some facet of orchids and/or orchid growing, and would like to share your wisdom with the group, please communicate this to one of the board members and we will see if we can schedule you as a speaker.

Note that there are other activities available to members at meetings besides the monthly scheduled programs.

Members are encouraged to bring in their own plants for show & tell - either/and to "show off" their wonderful plants/flowers or to ask questions regarding growing/culture.

A variety of plants and occasionally other orchid related items are available to members through the purchase of raffle tickets. Proceeds of the raffle tickets are in support of the Society.

An area of the meeting room is available for members to bring in plants for sale to other fellow members - as a service to its members.

Member to member and small group discussions.

Availability of library of resource materials


Program Schedule Update (as of 4/26/16):

May 11 - plans are to start another challenge plant  growing project together - mini-cattleyas.  We hope to have a good round of discussion regarding our past years of growing selected genera together.  

June 8 - tentatively this is our hardy orchid meeting/month.  What we'll actually cover here remains open.

July 13 - usually our month off - we're throwing around the possibility of having another summer picnic meeting?  If this sounds like fun let a board member know!  :-)

We're always looking for good speakers to fill  slots for the future - 2016 and beyond!  Any and all ideas are welcome!

To get an idea of what kind of topics we've covered in our meetings for the past few years - scroll down this page.

April 13 - Peter T. Lin did a presentation on mini-cattleyas - covering the species involved in hybridization and presented many photos of award winning speciments.

March -
Liana Webb shared her trip down to the POE in San Francisco.  Her slide show made it obvious that this was a show like none we have in our area.  

February 13 -
Theresa Hill of Hillsview Gardens gave us a presentation on the finer points of fertilizing.  Why should we use it and what kind do we use, when and how much.

January 10 -
Todd Adams , our only current member that is an AOS student judge, gave us a good rundown of the complete Phalaenopsis species genus.  Lots of small plants with relatively small flowers - mostly warm growers.

December 9 -
Annual Christmas Potluck.  The evening was topped off with a rousing game of Orchid Bingo including prizes to the first few rounds of winners.

November 11 -
Norman Fang, owner of Norman's Orchids/ was our featured speaker.  He shared his perspective of the International Orchid Show in Taiwan and brought a wonderful selection of plants for sale.

October 14-
Terry Aitken, member of the Portland Orchid Society and American Iris Society.  Terry shared with us the fascinating process of hybridizing - which he has done with both orchids and iris.      

September 9 -
Patricia Harding gave an excellent presentation on many of the complicated Orchid Name Pronunciations and Taxonomy and Name Changes in the Orchid World.  

12 - summer potluck at the home of Sharon Goin. After dinner & fellowship we enjoyed an orchid/plant swap. 

- No meeting per normal schedule

June 10
- Hardy Orchids is our annual discussion topic for this month - stay tuned for details!  

May 13
-  Todd Adams talked about the genus subsection of Latouris dendrobiums - which was our challenge plant family for this year - two hybrids and a species plant were made available to all members.

April 8
-  Joe Grienauer of Emerald City Orchids shared some interesting facets regarding the "seedy" side of orchid history.

March 11 -  Tom Valente discussed how to prepare plants for show and explained general orchid nomenclature.  

February 11 -
Liana Alter showed us how to put up a good sized hoop greenhouse in the dead of winter - fast! 

January 14, 2015
-  Mike shared slides from a forum friend -  2014 International Taiwan Orchid Show and show about orchid growing in Taiwan in general.

December 10 - Annual Christmas potluck.  All paid up members received one of Becky Thompson's cymbidiums as a wonderful remembrance.

November 12 - Jim Snyder, CCOS Member, led an excellent discussion about pest control.

October 8
- CCOS board members shared about their trip to Orchidaceae & Growiser last spring.

September 10 - Todd Adams, CCOS Member, discussed  growing orchids in terrariums and we also shared orchids purchased for the state fair display.

August 13
- summer potluck at the home of Sharon Goin. After dinner & fellowship we enjoyed an orchid/plant swap. 

- No meeting per normal schedule

June 11 - Dr. Nevin Aspinwall talked to us about his work with cypripedium (primarily) culture and other hardy orchids.

May 14
- group discussion on greenhouses for orchids in our area led by Jim Snyder

April 9 - Our annual "challenge" plant month - encyclias. Patricia Harding shared her expertise on how to successfully grow these.

 March 12 - Michael Jenne from OOS spoke about Growing Orchids Under Lights.  

 February 12 - Tom Etheridge gave a talk and showed beautiful photographs on/of Masdevallias - many of which he grows in his own greenhouse..

January 8, 2014
- A brief discussion or  Orchid Conservation was followed by a conservation related talk by Kathryn Theiss - her orchid conservation related work in the midwest as well as in the country of Madagascar.

December  11
- Annual Christmas Potluck - dinner together , show & tell & gift exchange.

November 13
- an AOS judges presentation was given to explain the judging process.  They used the plants that were brought to the meeting for show & tell as a portion of their presentation - with one plant receiving an AOS/HCC award.  

October  9
- Chris Howard, who has served for a number of years on the board of the Oregon Orchid Society and is currently the organization's webmaster spoke on orchids native to the northwest.  

Sept 11 -
Patricia Harding gave a presentation from a trip she and her husband made Nov 2012 to Colombia, in both warm and very cool habitats, with an emphasis on the need for orchid related ecotourism to help in orchid conservation.

August 14 - Annual summer potluck at Laurie Nielsen's.  Orchids were available once again for all members - both as a gift and a large collection of plants for sale.   

- No meeting per normal schedule

June 12
- Norm Kalbfleisch  spoke on hardy orchids -  this was an unusual meeting in that we carpooled up to Norm's place in Portland to see his hardy orchids in situ. We were thrilled to see some of the best stands of hardy orchids ever while enjoying food & fellowship!  Plants were available for sale at the meeting and will be later.

May 8 - 
Challenge plant month again!  We shared some of the results from plants of the past few years and started out on another genera - brassavolas.  Mike Ayres had compots available for those willing to give it a go and a few seedlings as well.   Additional plants are avaiable upon request.  Also Tom Valente briefly covered the art of repotting Neofinitias.

April 10 -  Theresa Hill gave us a presentation on miltonioposis.  She shared with us some of the history of breeding in general and also covered many of the prize hybrids that have come out of her breeding experience.

March 13, 2013 - Marsha Romick reviewed with us a significant  list of "little orchids", plants that are good options for those who have space constraints.  You might be surprised just how many orchids you can successfully grow in a windowsill or two.

Feb 13, 2013 - Jim Snyder talked about repotting techniques primarily related to cattleyas & Mike Ayres discussed use of terra cotta saucers and other potential mounting structures with emphasis on in-the-home windowsill growing.

January 9, 2013 - a new concept in "round table" discussions for our group.  Previously we've tried doing this as one large group.  This time  we split the group up into four sections, which gave everyone more opportunity to share about themselves AND their orchids!

Dec 12, 2012 -
we had a great potluck, lots of good plants were available  for purchase and all 2013 paid-up members good first crack from a select group of plants that were procured from Jason O at his going out of business sale early summer.  Thanks to Laurie Nielsen for holding them over all this time.

Nov 14, 2012 -
we had an interesting time sharing a modified version of an AOS slide presentation on pests and diseases.  

October  10, 2012
- Tom Etheridge  spoke to us about Odontoglossums.  Tom also had a companion article to his talk in the national AOS magazine this month.

September 12, 2012 -
we had a greenhouse presentation given by the local distributors of solexx greenhouse covering -, a company located just north of Keizer on Brooklake road.  Also, we had lots of orchids for sale from a variety of sources.
 August 8, 2012 - the weather, food, and friends came together once again for  a super evening potluck at Laurie Nielson's place.  Orchids were dispersed and others were available for a good price, with additional plants leftover that will carry over to the next monthly meeting.

 July -  No regular meeting per normal yearly schedule.  

June 13, 2012
- we had a group "round table" discussion.  A majority of members got an opportunity to "talk orchids" with the group, each giving their own personal "twist".  There were a few questions asked and quite a few tips & ideas given by the membership for making the orchids growing experience  easier or more effective.  There should soon be a link HERE that will give you a summary of many of those ideas for additional thought or follow-up.  
May 9, 2012 - Tobias Policha, a phD candidate in 2013 from the University of Oregon, shared with us his study of dracula orchids and their interaction with insects and mushrooms in the forests of Ecuador - fascinating.  Click here to a link to Tobias' blog to follow his work.

April  11, 2012 - 
Greg Nielsen, aka the "air plant man", shared a wealth of orchid growing facts and culture techniques that he's been able to pick up over the years of growing, vending and has picked up from others in the orchid growing community.  This month was also challenge plant month!  Sharing of our phrag hybrids from last year and a new start on three new species for next year - a mounted cattleya luteola, dendrobium spectabile and phalaenopsis mariae.

March 14, 2012 - Craig Williams, long time orchid grower and OOS member spoke on "Complex Paphiopedilums: Some History, Some Mystery and Some More".

February 8, 2012 - We shared in viewing a portion of a DVD titled "Fantasy Orchids",  put out by Fantasy Orchids, Inc. of Louisville, Colorado and discussed our annual show & sale, including asking for volunteer sign-ups .

January 11, 2012
- Bergen Todd, a long-time member of our society and one of our northwest AOS judges, shared with us a super overview of the Miltoniopsis genus - including discussion and photos of where hybridizing was 20-30 years ago and some of the exciting new hybrids coming out recently - some of which are more heat tolerant.  Click here to read her orchid bio .

Summary of Meetings from Previous Years.